A WordPress site is like a Cargo Truck

Ever have a hard time understanding how every thing works together conceptually on a self-hosted WordPress site ? A Cargo Truck is a straightforward analogy to introduce the WordPress stucture to a newcomer.

The Structure

  • The Cargo is like the Content
  • The Trailer (or shipping container) is like the Database
  • The Truck is like WordPress
  • The Engine is like PHP
  • The Cabin is like Dashboard

The look

  • The Paint job is like a Theme
  • The Custom Branding (Logo) is like a Child theme (dependant on the parent theme)

One more thing

The most confusing or unknown thing to WordPress newcomer is the difference between WordPress.com sites and WordPress.org sites. This difference can simply be explained as renting vs. owning a property. WordPress.com is a service whereby it is similar to paying rent, having limitations on what you can do to the space, but everything is included and maintained for you. Meanwhile owning a self-hosted site means a lot of initial overhead and maintenance, however you have full control of what you want to do with the space.

Thanks to Sonia of Nudge Design for proposing the challenge to find the ultimate analogy for WordPress.