Hi! I’m Elida.

I am a designer with a love for tech, learning and bringing delight to everyday experiences.

Throughout my educational journey, rooted in fine arts, I’ve earned assorted degrees and certifications in such diverse fields as digital media, commercial photography and user experience – all of which merge together as a ‘modern polymath’ skill set.
My professional career spans rocket science (as a graphic designer in the aerospace engineering field) and brain surgery (as a neuro-research illustrator) – no big deal. I’ve been lucky to transfer my passion and knowledge of Design and Web by teaching at local colleges. Following an exciting stint as a freelance photographer, I was offered a unique hybrid position (graphic design, photography) with acclaimed creative agency Sid Lee.  At Sid Lee I evolved my skill set to focus on User Experience and eventually Experience Design with the Sid Lee Lab.
I actively share passions and inspire newcomers in a number of local communities, such as Canada Learning Code (formerly Ladies Learning Code), CanUX conference, WordPress Montreal  and I encourage diversity in the tech industry.
Recently I’ve taken a creative break (inspired by Tim Ferris and Sagmeister) to nomadically wander in Canada, US and Europe and do some #museumbinging along the way.

If you have a project in mind, let’s talk!